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Christening Verses

Christening Verse 1

A Christening is a lovely time

So here’s a wish today

May God guard and guide

Precious Child

Throughout your future way

Christening  Verse 2

May little Angels watch over you on

Your Christening Day and forever

Christening  Verse 3

A Child to enjoy as a gift from above

To be christened with water

And brought up with love

Christening Verse 4

Darling little (name)

May this your Christening Day

Be filled with memories that will never fade away

For the blessing you’ll received are for life to always hold for you

Days filled with happiness and dreams that all come true

Christening  Verse 5

On Your Christening Day

May the grace of God

Shine upon you and may His love be with you forever

Christening  Verse 6

May little (name) always be blessed in every way

As much as he/she is now

On this his/her Christening Day

Christening  Verse 7

Our darling little angel was sent from heaven above
Please celebrate his/her Baptism/Christening 
and surround him/her with your love

Christening  Verse 8

Our baby is a blessing who is beautiful as can be...
Come help us welcome him/her into God's family!

Christening  Verse 9

You’ve been a special blessing 
since the day that you arrived,
Bringing so much happiness
and filling hearts with pride...
And now that it’s your
Baptism/Christening Day, 
this brings a special prayer
That God will always keep
you in the shelter
of His care.