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Wedding Verses

Wedding Verse No 1

I will love you and treasure you always

As I will treasure this day.

When I stood before God,

our friends and families to

marry my best friend

The one I laugh with, live for,

dream with and forever love.

Wedding Verse No: 2

Today we begin the rest of our life

Together forever as husband and wife

Our dreams came true, with love and more

Adventures to have and the world to explore

We’ll share our joys, we’ll share our sorrows

We can already see many bright tomorrows.

We’ll share our friends and family too

And you are part of that special crew

Thank you for celebrating our wedding day

As we share our vows we just want to say

These wedding memories will become a treasure

And seeing you here is part of the pleasure

Wedding Verse No: 3

Today I marry my best Friend

Our bond complete, it has no end

We share one soul

We share one heart

A perfect time, a perfect start

With these rings we share together

Love so close to last forever

This special day, two special hearts

Let nothing keep this love apart.

Wedding Verse No: 4

Today is a day

We will always remember

The greatest in anyone’s life

We’ll start off the day just two people in love

And end it as husband and wife

We’ll live happy forever as lovers and friends

It’s the dawn of a new life for us

As we stand here together with love in our eyes

From the moment we whisper “I do”

Wedding Verse No: 5

May our/your love be just as endless

As the rings you give and wear

A circle of true happiness

For both of you/us to share.

Wedding/Engagement Verse No: 6

Hope every single moment of the future that’s in store

Will bring you every special thing

That you are hoping for

Wedding Verse No: 7


Dear Lord please clear a spot for him

He should have the perfect view

His little girl’s a Bride today

And I’m counting on you

Let me feel his presence, as I journey down the aisle

But let me notice his absence, if only for a while

Let me stop to think of him

As I am given away

And know that if he could,

He would be here with me today

Dear Lord please clear a spot for him

He should have the perfect view

And if he gets sad today

Dear Lord I count on you.

Wedding Verse No: 8

May our love be just as endless

As the rings you give and wear

A circle of happiness

For both of you to share.

Wedding Verse 9

Marriage is a special gift

to treasure and to hold

that comforts and sustains

us whatever may unfold,

It’s a bond that last forever,

that will never fade away

and is built upon the vows,

you make on your wedding day

Wedding Verse 10


No words we write will ever say

How much we miss you day by day

Our love for you will always keep

It will never fail it lies too deep

You left so many memories

To us you were so dear

No matter when we needed you

We always found you near

We light this candle in your memory

For all the times we laughed

And all the times we cried

All the silly things you did

And most importantly,

all the care and joy you gave

So thank you ( name) for loving and sharing

For giving and for caring

God bless you and keep you

Until we meet again

Wedding Verse No 11

Our wedding day will be remembered

For all the joys it brings

A day of love and happiness

Of vows and wedding rings

A day of new beginnings

Learning what love truly means.

Our Wedding day is just the start

Of many hopes and dreams

Wedding Verse 12

Marriage is

A hand to reach for

A heart to dream with

A love to believe in


Wedding Verse 13

Two souls with but a single thought

Two hearts that beat as one.

Wedding Verse 14

There is only one happiness

In life

To love and be loved.

Wedding Verse 15

Just for you

I give my heart

For years to come

‘Til death us do part.

Wedding verse 16

I asked God for a flower

He gave me a bouquet

I asked God for a minute

He gave me a day

I asked God for true love

He gave me that too

I asked for an Angel

And he gave me you.

Wedding verse 17

Our lives entwined to be as one

Upon this journey we’ve just begun

Where you and I will find no less

Than eternal love and happiness

Wedding verse 18

The smile on my face

The beat in my heart

The light of my day

The dark of my night

The dreams I dream

The passion I possess

The soul I adore

The one I love

Wedding verse 19

Two lives, two hearts

Joined together in friendship

United forever in love

Wedding verse 20

You are the one that

stepped out of my dreams

gave me new hope and

showed me what love means

Wedding verse 21

You are the one

God sent from above

The Angel I needed

For whom I do love.

Wedding Verse 22

I love you today

As I have from the start

And I’ll love you forever

With all of my heart

Wedding verse 23

I do believe that God above

Created you for me to love

He chose you from all the rest

Because he knew I would love you the best

Wedding verse 24

I love you

Not only for what you are

But for what I am, when I am with you.

I love you

Not only for what you

have made of yourself

But for what you are making of me.

I love you

For the part of me that you bring out.

Wedding verse 25

For those gone in presence
but here in essence
This light shines as a symbol
of lives and loves remembered

Wedding verse 26

In Loving Memory of
Our departed loved ones
Gone before us
Now in the Lord's keeping

Wedding verse 27

In Loving Memory
the departed members
of the
Brides 'last name'
Grooms 'last name'
gone before us
now in the Lord's keeping

Wedding Verse 28

On our Wedding Day
we share our happiness
with those who live
in our hearts.

Much of who
we are today
is a reflection
of their love.

Wedding verse 29

As we present our vows to one another
We know that you are in attendance
Smiling with great pride, strength, and happiness
You will forever be in our hearts
And as we express our vows to one another
And present our “I Do”
We share our day with you
As a dedication to you

Wedding verse 30

I wished you were here to give me away
For you to guide me on my day

I feel ever so lost without you around
I hope today I’ve made you proud

It’s ( Groom's first name ) role now to look after me
In order that at rest you may be

There’s always a place for you in my heart
That way we’ll never really be apart

So it’s time for me to go my new way
And say; “Dad, I love you, every day”

Wedding verse 31

We wish that they could be with us
This very special day
Cause they were like a rush of sun
Before they went away

We lit this candle so that we
Might bring them here awhile
As we remember their bright flame
Their laughter and their smiles

We wish that they could share with us
The happiness we feel
Cause knowing that they knew our joy
Would make it all more real

But even though they are not with us
Their presence is still strong
Cause in their heart we'll always find
The love for which we long

Wedding verse 32

Walk me down the aisle Dad
You’re the only one who can
Over these scattered rose petals
To where I’ll take his hand

Walk me down the aisle Dad
And fill my heart with peace
Whisper that you’re proud of me
Set my soul at ease

Walk me down the aisle Dad
Though it seems I walk alone
I carry you inside my heart
Life lessons not outgrown

Walk me down the aisle Dad
And dry my endless tears
My life’s forever changing
I miss you more each passing year

If God would grant me just one wish
I’d wish for one more day
For you to walk me down the aisle, Daddy
And give your daughter away